Learn more about this most recent line of colors that has already melted the hearts of thousands of hairstylists! The Four Reasons Optima introduction training session is around half an hour long and covers everything from describing hair colors to the use of lightening colors. The videos also offer foolproof tips for covering up gray hair.

Four Reasons Optima is a color line for professionals that is easy to use and understand, so starting to use it does not require taking part in a training day. However, to ensure a smooth start, we have created video guides where our instructors teach you everything you need to know about starting to use Optima. You can watch the videos, which are only a few minutes long, as individual packets of information about different areas or as a set that lasts half an hour and covers everything salon training would. We hope you have great fun using Optima!

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Four Reasons Optima E-training

Four Reasons Optima introduction training session

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