Do you feel like your toner formulas revolve around the same old ideas and it’s difficult to come up with something new? Are you having trouble covering yellow tones or do you tend to cover a bit too much? In this training, Harri Paananen will help you review the toning process, what to take into consideration with each type and color of hair and how to create perfect, effective toner formulas! Join our livestream to share your favorite formulas with your colleagues!

Harri Paananen @harri.paananen
  • Toning with Optima and Luxima
  • Toning with direct dye
  • Understanding the base – factors affecting the nature of the tone
  • When to use Optima and when to use Luxima?
Can you tone with the Optima’s highlift colors?
  • Tips for customers’ home care

101: Toning with Four Reasons

In the training, you will learn to create toner formulas using the Four Reasons Optima and Luxima color lines, understand how to select between Optima and Luxima and when direct dye is the best option for toning! You will also receive tips for instructing the customer on correct home care for toned hair so that the colors remain gorgeous until the next salon visit!

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