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Top 3 most fabulous colors this fall – see the trendy tones for this season!

23.9.2020, Mira

Fall is the time for new beginnings when your hair also requires gentle treatment and refreshing after the summer. If you want to change your style but dying your hair feels too radical, our toning Color Mask products are the way to go.

Many of us want warmer hair in the fall and favor softer tones instead of the familiar cool tones. This season’s major hair color trends include warm and luscious tones. If you are not yet convinced, check out the styles created with our toning Color Mask shampoos and intensive treatments below!

Warm champagne blonde

Champagne is the latest fabulous addition to the Color Mask series! This toning intensive treatment is especially designed for blonde dyed hair that needs more warmth and beautiful tones of beige. The plant-based proteins and amino acids of the product strengthen your hair and give it a lovely gloss.

Watch the video to see how this new product can change your hair!


 Before & after:

Glowing Rose Gold

The Color Mask series includes a shampoo and an intensive treatment in the Rose Gold tone. The Color Mask Toning Shampoo has a high concentration of pigment and it gives your hair a deep tone of Rose Gold. Toning Treatment has a slightly gentler toning effect than the shampoo and it helps the glow of the hair dye last longer. The tone helps the dye stay vibrant longer and keeps your hair healthy and in good condition.

Watch the video to see what the luscious Rose Gold looks like in beautiful fall hair!



Before & after:


Mahogany: the perfect harmony of brown and red

Color Mask Toning Treatment Mahogany is a toning intensive treatment designed for brown dyed hair. The pigment gives your hair a beautiful mahogany brown tone. The plant-based proteins and amino acids of the intensive treatment strengthen your hair and give it a lovely gloss, while keeping your hair healthy and in good condition.

Watch the video to see the fabulous mahogany-brown results!



Before & after:


Mira on ihana, tunteikas tukkajumalatar, joka yllättää aina loputtomalla luovuudellaan. Tämä kuplivan iloinen persoona ja lahjakas luonnonlapsi on aivan killeri kirjoittaja. Tarkka ja pedantti, tunnollinen energiapakkaus! // Mira is our wonderful goddess of hair, bursting with emotion and never failing to surprise with her endless creativity. This sparkly and cheery persona and talented child of nature is a killer scrivener. A precise and discerning, hard-working bundle of energy!

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