KC Blonde Toners

KC Blonde Toner has been developed for toning hair that has been bleached pure blonde. It is an easy tool for giving the finishing touch to the shade of the hair without darkening the result too much. The KC Blonde Toner selection offers timelessly elegant, cool tones that are easy to combine to create unique, multi-dimensional results. Featuring a new kind of pigment structure, the color pigments in KC Blonde Toners attach more effectively to lightened hair. The pigment structure and the KC Shield technology make it possible to create a glossy end result that reflects light beautifully and tones that stay true longer. A pleasant mild fragrance.

Processing time

The processing time for the Blonde Toners is 5-25 min, depending on the translucency of the desired result. The longer the processing time is, the more intense and deep the result will be. If there are yellow tones left in the base, you should use a longer processing time.

Blonde Toner Activator

KC Blonde Toner dyes are used in combination with the KC Blonde Activator oxidizer. The oxidizer utilizes the KC Shield technology and a conditioning ingredient that works with the KC Blonde Toner range. A pleasant, mild fragrance. Mixing ratio 1:2.

Blonde Toners

The KC Blonde Toners Caramel, Pearl, Rose Gold, Rosé, Silver and Violet create the perfect tone on a bleached base. The end result is dependably clean and bright pastel shades in glossy hair that is in good condition.

Blonde Toner Metallic shades

The modern, metallic tone duos make the Blonde Toner shade selection more versatile and also make it easier to create trendy, three-dimensional Root shadow results. The shining metallic Coral, Grey, Peach and Purple are tone duos, each with a main pastel shade and a deeper Root shadow shade.

Metallic Duos shade pairs

Peach duo
The warmest alternative for creating a metallic look. A combination of copper and a cool metallic tone.

Coral duo
The reddest alternative for creating a metallic look. A combination of red and a metallic tone.

Purple duo
The most purple alternative for creating a metallic look. A combination of purple and a metallic tone.

Grey duo
The bluest alternative for creating a metallic look. A combination of blue and grey.

You can use the deeper tone to

  • create ”shading effects” and a three-dimensional look
  • deepen and intensify the lighter pastel shade
  • tone hair more intensively

Tips for using KC Blonde Toners

  • KC Blonde Toners have been developed for situations where the hair has been bleached of all color and you want to create a clear tone without any darkening. The Blonde Toners give a very clean, translucent shade that is more difficult to create with the light shades of Four Reasons Luxima, for example.
  • Blonde Toners also brighten the natural base, so if you are toning light hair with some root growth, or a highlighted base, the natural base will also brighten a bit.
  • Blonde Toners can also be used to subtly brighten deeper blonde hair. They can also be used to slightly brighten the shade of hair that has been lightened and then toned into a deeper shade of blonde.
  • Blonde Toners have been designed specifically to tone the lightest possible bases to give soft, delicate and pure results. However, Blonde Toners can also be used on a base of level 8­­–9 if a lightening dye is first used to create a very light result.