You will learn lightening techniques to achieve natural results. You will know how to place foils to achieve wanted results with less effort. You will learn how to create wonderfully bright results with the right section sizes and correct developer volumes. You will also get great tips for toning formulation and selecting the correct tones and toning products

Harri Paananen & Linda Lehto
  • Lightening techniques to achieve natural and easily maintained results.
  • How to place foils to achieve wanted results with less effort.
  • How to create bright results with softer and more discreet root growth.
  • Tips on how to place foils, make right sized sections, select correct concentration and how to best achieve a bright result.
  • Toning tips with Luxima and Color Mask
The training will be streamed as a live webinar. The recording of the training will be available on our training site at in 1–2 weekdays. You can attend the livestream or watch the recording later. During the livestream, you can ask questions in real time and use the chat box to talk to your colleagues!

After signing up for the e-education, you will receive a direct link to the webinar via e-mail. If you do not receive a link to the webinar a few moments after signing up, please contact

Foils & Toning – Highlighting techniques and toning products

Do you find highlighting difficult? Are choosing the right technique, foil placing and sectioning giving you cause for a headache? Do you have questions about the toning formulation? The Foils & Toning training with our educators Linda Lehto ja Harri Paananen provides you answers to these and other questions about color techniques.

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