Four Reasons Nature Moisture products won at the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards!

28.10.2020, Monna

Four Reasons Nature was awarded as the Best Hair Cosmetics Innovation in 2020 by the Finnish hair care professional magazine Pinni in September. Now Four Reasons Nature Moisture Oil and Moisture Shampoo won the award of the best Natural hair cosmetics at the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards.

Four Reasons Nature Moisture Oil was as a nominee in the ”Hair Treatment” category and Four Reasons Nature Moisture Shampoo was evolved in the ”99% Natural Treatments” category. Both of them won their own category.

The Nordic Natural Beauty Awards jury consisted of 50 Nordic stars coming from different fields – such as music, cinema, sports, and fashion. They chose the best Natural cosmetics products in 2020. More about the jury you’ll find here.

More about the competition you’ll find here.

Read more about Four Reasons Nature >>

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