Direct dye that ignites your world with color – Color Mask Art is a collection of jewel-like shades and a crystal-clear diluter that provides the tools for high-quality, ultra-shiny direct dye results. The gel-based formula is easy to apply and the shades fade beautifully true-to-tone.

The collection includes frosty, delicate pastel shades, bold intensive shades and neon shades that also glow under black UV light. You can adjust the intensity of each shade with the Clear Crystal diluter to your liking, and by mixing the shades together you can create a unique color that suits you perfectly. The entire product range is vegan, ammonia-free and perfume-free.

Be seen. You don’t need a permit to express yourself. Let yourself be seen – bravely, unapologetically. Be a work of art, finished by Color Mask Art.

Use correctly

You will get the brightest and the most long-lasting results by applying Color Mask Art direct dye to hair that has been lightened to a pure blond. The darker your hair is when the direct dye is applied, the more translucent and subtle the result will be. Note that the lightest pastel shades will only be visible in hair that has been lightened into a white color. The shades will last approximately 3–20 washes, depending on the chosen shade and the color and condition of your hair.

  • Wash your hair with shampoo. Do not use a conditioner.
  • If your hair is porous or previously lightened, test the suitability of the shade according to use instructions in a discreet spot before coloring the entire hair.
  • Remove jewelry and protect your clothing. Use protective gloves. Apply your chosen shade or shade mixture evenly into towel-dried hair, avoiding applying the color on skin. Comb through the hair with a large-toothed comb.
  • Leave in for 15–30 min, depending on the desired intensity and longevity of the result.
  • Rinse carefully with cool water. Use a dark towel for drying your hair. Use a conditioner if needed.


A direct dye contains pigments that attach to the surface of the hair, unlike a permanent color that has pigments which penetrate the hair’s internal structure. Therefore at-home maintenance of a direct dye result is so important.

  • Avoid deep-cleansing products.
  • Use shampoos and conditioners designed for colored hair, or if your hair is damaged, use shampoos and conditioners designed for lightened hair. Use cool water when washing your hair.
  • Add a small amount of the direct dye into your normal conditioner occasionally when you wash your hair; this gives your hair an added amount of pigment to strengthen the shade and to make the color last longer. You can also mix the color with Clear Crystal diluter before application.
  • Using leave-in conditioners will make the color last longer.
  • Protect your hair with a damp towel before going to a sauna. Protect your hair when swimming in chlorine water.
  • Use a blow-drier to dry your hair after washing.
  • Use a heat protection product when using heated styling tools.

Understand the nature of a direct dye

The result is affected by the darkness and shade of your hair, the chosen Color Mask Art shade and its intensity. We recommend completing a color removal process before the first direct dye coloring for the best possible results. Consult your hair stylist if needed.

  • By washing your hair with a deep-cleansing shampoo makes it easier for the direct dye pigments to attach to the hair.
  • Do not use a conditioner before applying the color.
  • Always do a strand test in a discreet spot according to use instructions before applying the color to the entire hair. This way you can be sure that the result is what you hope for.
  • If there are shade differences in different parts of your current hair, this will also affect the direct dye result.
  • How long the color lasts in your hair is affected by the quality and condition of your hair, previous chemical treatments, the care products you use, how often you wash your hair and how well the dye has attached to your hair. The color may fade faster from extremely damaged or very healthy hair. This is because of the porous structure of damaged hair and the slippery surface of very healthy hair, making it more difficult for pigment to attach to hair. As the shade fades over time, this process may be faster in the most damaged areas.
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