The great hairspray comparison: light, strong or super strong hold?


Oh, hairspray: the savior of Monday morning, the champion of static hold, and the party’s honored guest. What would we…


Gorgeous bobby pin hairstyles for all tastes and hair types – What’s your favorite?


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Natural favorites for different types of hair – 4 x gentle natural shampoos


The rustling of the rapids, scent of the coniferous forest, the freshly cut lawn, and the summer flower bed. If…

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Color Mask Vs. Color Mask Intense – Which will you choose?


Four Reasons Color Mask toning products are familiar and safe products that maintain your hair color and makes it vibrant.…


The big V – What does it actually mean if a hair product is vegan?


Vegan, cruelty-free, ecological, natural – you name it. All things are equally important, but still a little unclear to many…

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The cause of oily hair can be found in your scalp | How to make your flat hair clean and voluminous


An oily scalp is often to blame for flat and lifeless hair. Just like everyone else, we’ve had our fair…

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A healthy scalp lays the foundation for healthy hair – 5 tips to treat your scalp


Tired of having an itchy scalp? Or colleagues asking you if it’s snowing outside when you walk into the office…