A Proud Finn: the Original attitude means talking straight, sugar and sisu, the Finnish determination and grit.

21.12.2020, Mira

People say that Finns are the happiest people on Earth (on dark winter mornings I highly doubt this). Oh, the land of a thousand lakes, home to the world’s strongest women, integrity and me: Original.

For me, Finland as my home country means that everyone can be exactly who they are, as well as this dark, slightly twisted sense of humour, which is also typical of me.

What do we Finns have that others don’t? I thought about this long and hard and wrote down four things I’m proud of. If you’ve never met a Finn or you are a Finn but are not sure what it really means, check these out.

#1 Even my attitude has an attitude.

My strengths include forthrightness and empathy, I’m always on your side. Of all Finnish proverbs, my favourite is “Rehellisyys maan perii”, meaning “The honest shall inherit the earth”. I’m always ready to cheer others on and I know that things don’t always work out according to plan. I think imperfection, uniqueness and small flaws are what make us beautiful.

My goal is to turn your bad hair days into good and good hair days into great. You know those mornings when your eyelids weigh a tonne, you’re out of coffee and your hair seems to have a life of its own? Sometimes life is rough. How about you get your clothes off and jump in the shower with me?

#2 Super into all that green stuff!

I try to do my best for our planet. I think that my being Finnish contributes to my passion – the roar of my homeland’s rapids, the coastal wind and mossy forests live within me.

If I can take care of this natural beauty with my choices, I’ll do it without second thought. All Original shampoos and conditioners are locally produced and packed in recyclable bio-based sugarcane plastic. Yep, the thing you get as a by-product when making sugar. At our Finnish factory, we use 100% renewable green energy.

#3 Loving me, loving you.

Finns prefer keeping quiet to chitchatting about nothing at all. Small talk is foreign to most of us, and we only engage in it if there’s no other way out. I’d like to suggest that from now on, we be frank with each other.

I won’t tell you that these hair products are going to save your life or grow back the hair on the bald spot on your head. They won’t. However, I can promise that they contain more effective agents and less of all that’s unnecessary, they are 100% vegan and make all of your hair days a tiny bit better.

#4 If I don’t succeed at first, I just fix my hair and try again.

All Finns are familiar with the concept of sisu, grit. It’s about persistence, willpower and relentlessness – the power to push through, no matter what. This tenacious desire flowing in our veins combined with a thirst for continuous development is what makes me who I am.

I’ve been examined, developed and tested by the most innovative Finnish minds at our office and factory. The result: a hair product line with an insurmountable price-quality ratio and luxuriously effective ingredients that is greener than green when it comes to sustainability and has an unbeatable character.

At this point, it might be good to remind you of my least favorite Finnish proverbs. They’re ”Omakehu haisee” (literally: “Self-praise stinks”) and ”Ken kuuseen kurkottaa, se katajaan kapsahtaa” (“Whoever reaches high falls hard”). When there’s reason for praise, let’s give praise. And when your dreams are high, aim high.

💜: Original


Mira on ihana, tunteikas tukkajumalatar, joka yllättää aina loputtomalla luovuudellaan. Tämä kuplivan iloinen persoona ja lahjakas luonnonlapsi on aivan killeri kirjoittaja. Tarkka ja pedantti, tunnollinen energiapakkaus!